Discover the Lobo Park in Antequera an unspoilt nature and wildlife park in the heart of Andalusia; where you may look at a wolf eye to eye for the first time in your life!

The wolves in the park live in big enclosures to have enough space to roam, play and hide when they want to. However, out of curiosity the wolves often come close to the observation points where we go with our visitors, allowing them to be seen very well. Some wolves were socialized and some have never been touched by a human hand, yet still they all will come close because they have learnt from the pack to have confidence that no one will bother them. No human interferes with the social development of the pack and therefore one can observe the natural behaviour in the enclosures.

You reach the enclosures by a path which leads you not only to the different enclosures but also to the individual platforms that offer you an excellent view of the wolves:

Alaska Tundra (Canis lupus tundrorum) – These wolves originally live in the Tundra of Alaska, where they survive extreme weather conditions from very cold winters to very hot summers. This subspecies is close to extinction and there are only a very few in the wild and in captivity.

European (Canis lupus lupus) – Still today, we find European wolves from Russia to Poland and Romania. Meanwhile, we find the European wolves also in many European countries such as in Scandinavia, Germany, along the border of Switzerland, France and Italy.

Iberian (Canis lupus signatus) – These native wolves live in Spain and Portugal and are a subspecies of the European wolf. Spain, together with Portugal, has the biggest population in Western Europe. One estimates that there app. 2000 wolves living in the wild in the North of Spain in provinces such as Asturias, Castillo y León, Cantabria, Galicia and Zamora.

Our photos have been made by the following photographers: Sebastián Muñoz Garcia, Lluís Avillop Morera Bastidas, Ian Macfayden and Lobo Park.