Wissenschaftszentrum für Studien über canis lupus/canis familiaris

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Geführte Wolfsführung: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 & 16:30 Preise für Erwachsene: 11,00€ & Kinder (3-12 Jahre): 7,00€  Täglich geöffnet, ausser Mittwochs- weiterlesen

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Ctra. Antequera - Álora (A343), km 16 * 29200 Antequera (Málaga), Spanien * Tel: +34952031107 WEITERLESEN...

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Every month there is something going on at the Lobo Park - see our time table and what is noteworthy for you to make a reservation! Call tel. +34952031107 weiterlesen

Wer sind wir?

Ein privater Wolfspark, der sich der Forschung von Wölfen sowie der Erziehung von Hunden widmet.  WEITERLESEN...

VIP Wolfsführung

The ultimate way to experience the Lobo Park. Personal VIP Tour of our park with one of our experienced personel weiterlesen...

Foto Tour

For all photographers to get the best shots. Vantage points that offer the best shots wolf enthusiasts dream of. weiterlesen...

Wolf Seminar (2)

Receive more insights about wolves and their behaviour. Unlock the world of wolves with our in-depth seminar Read more...

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Die natürlichste und effizienteste Art der Hundeerziehung. Lernen Sie die Sprache ihres Hundes zu sprechen. Read more...

Howl with the wolves

If you are looking for a very special evening out, don’t miss the regular Wolf Howl Nights on all full moon evenings all year round and on weekends from May until October. Come and see the wolves in the evening and you’ll experience them in a different light. A great night out for all the family! 

Prices for the Howl Night: Reservations required!
Adults:                      25,00€
Children (3-12 years):   17,00€

Call now on +34.952.031.107 or send an email to: info@lobopark.com Click here for dates

Adopt-a-Wolf programme (de)

  • Aitana has two siblings, a brother named Pablo, and a sister named Sofia. She loves to observe our visitors.
  • Amado’s name is Spanish, kept after the word, “beloved”, which is no lie.
  • Ámbar and his brother, Ontario are our oldest wolves. Ámbar is a Timber wolf. As a young wolf, Ámbar had beautiful black fur.
  • Bartolo and his 3 brothers were born raised by his own and not socialized by humans
  • When Ciro was very young, his fur was a very different kind of yellow than his brothers’, so we named him Ciro that means, “of the sun”.
  • Hudson is - for lack of a better term - a young handsome male. Hudson was born in the Amsterdam Zoo, Artis
  • Diego was raised by his parents and socialized by humans. Out of all the four brothers, he has the lightest coloured fur and is also the shyest of all

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