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Welcome to Lobo Park

Are you looking for a new destination for a day out and witness wolves in an exceptional environment that lets no doubt that animal in captivity do have a chance to live in a semi-natural habitat? In Antequera, you find the LOBO PARK a private wolf park where you may look at a wolf eye to eye for the first time in your life. The park is located in the heart of Andalucia just an hour’s drive from Malaga. Here you find four different wolf sub species: Canadian Timber, European, Alaskan Tundra and native Iberian that have been given a home. An incredible place, circled by the El Torcal mountain range and it’s probably as close as humans can safely get to untamed wolves.

You will be in short distance to the wolves as you get to the observation platforms during the guided tour where a very knowledgeable guide explains everything you ever wanted to know about wolves. It’s fascinating to hear what similarity a wolf pack has with our human social behaviour. All enclosures have been set up with vast space as you usually don’t see in other animal parks. Over 100.000 square meters have been given to the wolves and the surrounding nature has been kept as genuine as it was, which gives you the chance to enjoy a walk through a landscape with oak trees and wonderful view of the El Torcal. The tour is definitely an unforgettable experience!

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Opening Hours
The Park is opened daily:
Jan. – Dec. 10:00 - 18:00
Guided Tours
Everyday at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 & 16:30
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays every hour 11:00 - 15:00 & 16:30
Our Wolves
All wolves that you observe in the LOBO PARK were raised with the bottle. In order to take to the wolf’s innate shyness of humans and ensure the possibility for stress free observation by visitors.
Puppy Diary
Watch our wolf pups grow up. 
Petting Zoo
This is where the fun begins.…
The Petting Zoo is an interactive area where kids and adults can pet some of the friendliest animals.
Horses & Riding
Enjoy the nature and take a ride!!
Howl with the Wolves!
Every Friday and Saturday night at 20:00 - 24:00.
Please call 952 03 11 07
The Park
Discover the LOBO PARK!!
Where We Are
We are easy to find and only 8 km outside of Antequera (take the Antequera – Álora road)
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