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21st July 2024, limited places available.

lobo park, wolf park in Antequera. Opening hours and prices

Prices & Hours

Open Thursdays – Sundays & Bank Holidays.

Guided wolf tours

11:00, 13:00, 15:00 & 16:30

Prices: adults 13,50€

children (3-12 years)  8,50€

How to find us

Ctra. Antequera – Álora (A343), km 16 * 29200 Antequera (Málaga), Spain * Tel: +34952031107or directions here 

things to do at the wolf park

What's on

Thursdays – Sundays: Guided Wolf Tours

Daily: VIP & Photo Tours

Howl Night Limited Tickets

Who are we?

Lobo Park - guided wolf tours, Antequera

The wolf park is a non-profit-making association dedicated to the research and study of wolves and education of dogs.

Park events

Lobo Park Events, tourist attraction Andalucia

Don’t forget to make your reservations for some of our events. Book tickets at our online shop.

VIP Tours

The ultimate way to experience the Lobo Park. Personal VIP Tour of our park with one of our experienced personel

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Guided Wolf Tour

Buy tickets online or directly at the Park. Adults 13,50€ Children 8,50€

Howl Nights

Howl Nights Tickets can only be booked in advance upto 3 hours before the event. Ticket Prices are Adults 25€

Private VIP Wolf Tour

VIP Tours Base cost of 170€ for 2 people with an additional 30€ per person up to a max. 10


Meet The Stars

Virtual Wolf Adopting


Gregori, European wolf, male, born 22. April 2018


Ivan, European wolf, male, born 3. May 2016


Anouk, Hudson Bay wolf, female, born 10. Abril 2019


Jenna, hybrid, female, born 2018