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In our Adopt-a-Wolf section of the gift shop, you can adopt a wolf of your choice Help us continue our work to support these wonderful animals. This is the best way to show your support for wolves and for the Wolf Park! All funds go directly to the care and upkeep of our animals and facility, and to the educational programs which promote welfare of wolves in the wild. Wolf adoptions make great birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement gifts, too!

On behalf of the wolves we appreciate your support through our Adopt-a-Wolf Program!

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We have compiled a selection here from our Native American jewellery program. The jewellery shown is original Indian jewellery using only sterling silver and real stones. Because the jewellery was cautiously selected in the Indian reserves, we can guarantee high quality and attractive prices you.

The origin of Indian jewellery began approximately 150 years ago in the southwest of the United States. In the area of the so called “Four Corners” which are today Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The Navajo Indians living there learned the art of silver processing from Mexican silversmiths. For many centuries the Native Americans have worshiped the turquoise stone which in some tribes was even used for payment and as a means of exchange. So it is obvious that the Navajo began to integrate the so well-known stone in their work of Silber. From this working originated today’s world famous Indian jewellery of the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indians. You will find a wide variety of “wolf jewellery” in our shop such as pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other.

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The T-shirts are guaranteed durable and colour fast even after many washes, thanks to the use of the most advanced technology in screen-printing. Equally important for is the environmental and social conscience with which the products are made. Machine wash (30C° degrees recommended) and dry, no bleach.

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Plush Animals

Plush Animals

We have chosen distributors that comply with the fair trade policy. All plush animals are of high quality and softness.

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Other Wolf Items

Other Wolf Items

On behalf of the wolves we appreciate your support through our Online Shop!

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3D Wolf Picture Notebook

3D Wolf Picture Notebook (35cm)


Alegra, Iberian wolf, female, born 11th May 2014


Almudena, Iberian wolf, female, born 11. May 2011


Amado, Iberian wolf, male, born 6. May 2013


Bartolo, Iberian wolf, male, born 6. May 2013


Belén, Iberian wolf, female, born 25. May 2016


Carmen, Iberian wolf, female, born 25. May 2016


Ciro, Iberian wolf, male, born 6. May 2013


Cristina, Iberian wolf, female, born 5. May 2016


Diego, Iberian wolf, male, born 6. May 2013


Dmitry, European wolf, male, born 29. April 2013


Elena, European wolf, female, born 29. April 2013