Even though the park is closed from Mondays to Wednesdays, we still offer on these days our special tours. Reservation required.(+34 952 031 107)

This personalized tour is the ultimate way to experience the Lobo Park! The VIP tour is a unique day out for yourself or an ideal gift for your family and friends.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide (in Spanish, English or German) and have a walk through the park apart from the regular daily tours. Our team of professionals will customize your visit to suit your needs and interests. Spend up to 3 hours exploring the park with your own personal tour guide. Your guide will give you fascinating facts and insights into everyday life for the keepers and animals. There will be excellent opportunities for pictures, leaving you with wonderful mementos to remind you of your special day. Each exclusive VIP experience is tailored to your interests and includes a welcome drink.

The exclusive VIP tour:  Bookings required!
Duration:                2,5 – 3 hours

Group of 2 People: €170

Group of 3 People: €200

Group of 4 People: €230

Group of 5 People: €260

PEOPLE PER TOUR Minimum 2 people per tour
TOUR DAYS & TIMES Daily at 10am
ARRIVAL TIME Please arrive at the park least 10 minutes before the tour.
Free parking Welcom drink
2.5-3 hours Wolf Tour Expert Tour Guide
Gift Shop
WEAR Comfortable clothing, flat shoes or trainers and sunprotection.

Length: 800 meters.
Duration: Approximately 2.5-3 hours
Terrain: Inclined, gravel trail.

The path circles between the 3 different canid enclosures, stopping to see all of the species the Park currently has on display. This is a great opportunity for guests to ask questions, see many of the animals, and enjoy the country air.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no charge for rescheduled reservations and cancellations will receive a full refund up to 24hrs prior to the tour. Cancellation within 24hrs to the tour will not be reimbursed.



Additional information

Group Size2 People, 3 People, 4 People, 5 People

Tour: Arrival

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the tour is due to start in our receptions. There, while you enjoy your welcom drink you can get to know your privat Tour Guide.

The Wolf Tour

Lobo Park was opened to the public in 2005 and since then has been dedicated to the research of wolves and the social behavior of wolves and thus the protecting of species.
In the next 3 hours your private tour guide will tell you a lot about wolves in general and about the ecosystem they live in. On this private tour, you have the opportunity to ask everything you ever wanted to know about wolves and dogs.

Iberian Wolves

The Iberian Wolf is one of the smaller subspecies and is only found on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain today has the largest wolf population of Western Europe the largest of which is found in the Sierra de la Culebra (Zamora, Castilla and Leon).

Tundra Wolf

The Tundra Wolf is a very long-legged, white wolf of capable of enduring extreme weather conditions. Because of their beautiful white fur they are unfortunately always threatened, especially in the tundra of Alaska.

European Wolf

Eurasian wolf, is one of the most widespread subspecies. they are found on practically the entire Eurasian continent. The European wolf is a medium sized wolf with a brownish, grey tint. The Eurasian wolf was wiped almost entirely from Western Europe but due to increasing public awareness they are now and slowly increasing in numbers making a coming back.

Gift Shop

Back at the starting point of the tour you have time to ask your tour guide any questions you may have about the wolves and have a stroll through our shop and buy a memorial of your tour. You also have the possibility to sponsor one of our wolves for yourself or as a gift to a friend/family or loved one. All revenue goes directly to our wolves, research and school projects


Finally, you can enjoy a refreshment on our terrace. You can watch wolves from afar, and with luck, you’ll enjoy a howling concert.
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