Lobo Park and its Team – Lobo Park is a non-profit-making association dedicated to the research and study of wolves and education of dogs. Located in the heart of Andalusia, we offer students across Europe and members of the public to learn about wolves’ natural social behaviour. Having 4 different subspecies of wolves, Daniel (the founder) and the team have an outstanding passion for these majestic animals. Living in semi wild enclosures, we want to preserve the wolves’ natural behaviours therefore they are almost never touched by humans. Our dedication to dogs gives people the opportunity to learn more about dog behaviour and to get a better understanding of nature. We are a small international team, open minded and people friendly, experienced in taking care of domestic and wild animals and perfect team players. The park has 3 main areas where all the action happens, a small refuge for domestic animals, a fabulous souvenir shop with snacks and drinks, and extensive wolf area.

The park has been initiated and by:
Daniel Weigend, born in 1966 in Würzburg, has worked with dogs almost all his life and has trained dogs for the police and for the military services. Over time, a strong interest for wolves developed alongside the urge to share his knowledge and passion for these wonderful animals with others. He has done a lot of field studies on dogs and wolves, investigating their social behaviour in more detail.

Alexandra Stieber was born in 1957 in Munich and grew up aboard. She has an international background as a management consultant and, together with Daniel, she founded the Lobo Park. They both hand reared some of the wolf cubs during the first weeks.

An international team is working at the Lobo Park:

Nicole Collin (German)
Shelina Landay (UK)
Henriet Angela Rozeboom (Dutch)