Mission Statement: Research & Education

• In the Lobo Park we study the natural social behaviour of wild canine and give others the opportunity learn about our findings as well as conduct their own research work.

• Our research is result-oriented and therefore we pass our findings on to the public.

Are you fascinated by wolves when you see them in movies and pictures? Do you feel like having a closer look at these fascinating animals?

Lobo Park will allow you to observe and understand the dynamics of a wolf pack – one of the most social and team-oriented animals on the planet.
Located in the heart of Andalusia, Spain, and situated on approximately 400.000m² of land for huge enclosures for the wolves, the park was founded by Daniel Weigend and Alexandra Stieber as a private initiative in 2002. However, it opened up to the public in 2004 so that people could come and enjoy a day off with wolves, learning about their various life habits as well as different types of species and how they differ from each other. Pack life styles and dynamics can also be observed at the park.

The Lobo Park arranges guided tours for visitors in both English and Spanish. This is so that the visitors can obtain insights into how wolves behave in the real world. The Lobo Park is built to provide the wolves with an environment that resembles their natural habitat. This allows the wolves enough space to display their innate traits, as well as play and run around freely. The tours are designed so that this natural behaviour can be observed, and the fear that most people have of wolves is cut down notably.

Only Daniel Weigend and Alexandra Stieber hand-raise the wolf cubs. This is a very complicated task, and no mistakes can be afforded. For this reason, not even park-workers and volunteers are allowed to touch the wolves. Daniel and Alexandra do it with high caution and carefully. The reward in turn is the trust they earn from the wolves, who greet them as friends when they visit rather than as outsiders to the pack. This de-socialization and socialization are important aspects in the process of gaining familiarity so that wolves do not turn in to pets, and continue to act true to their nature.

The park offers fun and excitement to families, a day off and a day closer to nature. The spacious landscape provides a refreshing change to the visitors, who not only enjoy the wolf packs and their various play and hunt habits, but also enjoy a luxurious natural reserve. The tours are conducted by professionals who are well-aware of wolf psychology as well as of the different pack forces and vibes. It is educational as well as a way to relax.

Visit us to enjoy a day with the wolves, and learn something new on every visit!