The Internship Program in our wolf park offers hands-on work experience to people interested in a career in a zoological field.

We only give a limited number of internships to students studying biology, zoology, wildlife management, animal behaviour or veterinary medicine who need the experience as part of their educational requirement. This internship is especially suited for students who are looking for an opportunity to conduct field research and behavioural studies on wolves for their bachelor, masters or PhD dissertations.

Interns accepted into this program are expected to learn and successfully perform (under supervision) the duties and responsibilities of an employee in the assigned area. The intern will provide daily care to the animals, including diet preparation, cleaning, general exhibit maintenance, and possibly give guided tours.

Required qualifications:

• Genuine interest in performing a valuable internship
• A sincere concern for animals
• Minimum of 18 years old
• Minimum stay of 6 weeks

As an intern you will also:

• Have hands on experience with the animals
• Learn how educational facilities operate
• Have time to observe the animals

What you are responsible for bringing to Lobo Park:

• A desire to learn
• A positive attitude
• Flexibility and cooperation
• Maturity to work safely around animals

Some other important qualifications:

• Experience working around animals
• Good communication skills
• Must enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions. Be aware of the summer heat in Andalucía (July/August daily min. 30ºC degrees in the shade!)
• Good physical condition and be able to lift objects

Doing an internship in Spain is NOT a holiday camp! Therefore we are only interested in serious applications because interns not only support the team but they also require continuous monitoring from the Lobo Park staff.

If interested, send an email with your CV and application to

We are accredited by Aequor in the Nederlands ( 25DCB260402)