Even though the park is closed from Monday to Wednesday, we still offer on these days our special tours. Reservation required.

Lobo Park is an exciting and educational excursion destination. It provides school groups with a truly unique experience – it’s like a “living classroom.”

Students come face to face with the ‘flora and fauna Ibérica’ and learn about one of Andalusia’s most protected and rare animals – the Iberian wolf. Led by our education team, the visit is aimed at encouraging curiosity and the discovery of these important predators that are still living in the wild.

Summary of activities for school groups of 15+ students:
• Visit of the animal sanctuary
• Guided Wolf Tour
• Your choice of one of the following activities:

– A puppet show (for children younger than 7 years old)
– A quiz about the wolves
– Dog education

Dog education for school children:
The intention of this activity is for children to learn how to behave around dogs. Seeing the increase of accidents between dogs and children, we decided to offer a program where children learn how to behave around dogs. Nearly 100% of the accidents between dogs and children occur because of the child’s wrong behaviour. This can be easily avoided by teaching them how to treat both known and unknown dogs. Here in the park we observe everyday how children react to our dogs, and we have found that they react in 2 ways, both of which are wrong. The first reaction is running towards the dog and touching it, something that a lot of dogs don’t like, especially when the dog is insecure. The second reaction is to shout and run away from the dog. Therefore, the dog sees the child that is running away as a playmate or prey. This is dangerous given that the dog will be at least 4 times faster than the child.

The group is accompanied by a guide at all times, who will explain everything about the animals seen. Depending on the age of the children, we will adapt our explanations.

The teachers are not charged for entry, but we expect a certain minimum amount of cooperation in organizing and controlling the groups. Normally just being present helps.

Usually the children bring their picnic or breakfast along.

Prices for the students:
Duration:                3 hours
Student 4+ years: 6,50€

Student under 3 years:           5,00€
Each parent accompanying: 7,50€

We adapt the tour times to the arrival of the schools.

For information and reservations please contact us info@lobopark.com  or call Tel:+34952031107.