Have you ever wanted to get an up-close shot of a wolf on your camera? If so, then this is the tour to book! Extraordinary photographs can be taken of the wolves because they are used to humans.

The wolves are not easily bothered and therefore it is possible to observe their natural social behaviour. We have special “windows” installed to enable taking photos without fencing getting in the way. The points for photography have been placed in a way that you have a good view of the animals’ favourite places, and at the same time you have the opportunity to take pictures without obstruction from fences. Great photos are guaranteed. You will be accompanied by a member of the Lobo Park team and have 2 hours to take as many photos as you want.

We recommend booking the photo tour in the morning hours (10:00) due to the light conditions in the park.

Price per photographer:
Duration:                  2 hours
Per photographer: 60,00€

PLEASE NOTE: If the photos are to be used commercially or for sale such as prints and other reproductions apart from your own personal use and display, then it has to be agreed upon by the Lobo Park management!

Photo tour dates are subject to availability. For information and to make an appointment, please contact us at: tel.34952031107or info@lobopark.com