These seminars are for all wolf lovers as well as students that want to obtain more in-depth knowledge and learn more insights about these fascinating predators.

During the seminar, you will have the opportunity to observe and witness first-hand the facts and knowledge that you are acquiring about the animals.

Away from all myths and fairy tales, the wolf seminars give insight on the ethology of wolves to better understand some of the following points:

• Social behaviour and hierarchy and how a wolf pack lives together
• Why are wolves important for the ecosystem?
• Hunting and predatory behaviour
• How do wolves communicate and why do they howl?
• Who takes care and educates the Wolf pups?
• Listen to a wolf howl
• What is the difference between a wolf and a dog?

Price for the wolf seminar:
 Reservations required!

Duration:  4 hours
Time:        10:00-14:00
Adults:      90,00€

For information and reservations please contact us  or call Tel:+34952031107.