School programme

Bring your class here on a school trip they'll never forget

Lobo Park is an exciting and educational excursion destination. It provides school groups with a truly unique experience – it’s like a “living classroom.”

Wolf seminars

Come and enjoy one of our in-depth seminars on wolves and they're behaviours

These seminars are for all wolf lovers as well as students that want to obtain more in-depth knowledge and learn more insights about these fascinating predators.

Dog education

caminolobo (the way of the wolf)  is a unique way of understanding your dog. This is for anyone who has a dog or is thinking of getting one

Research & education


“You learn only from the best”
Therefore, we show you the best ones and give you the possibility to learn from them.


The Internship Program in our wolf park offers hands-on work experience to people interested in a career in a zoological field.