caminolobo (the way of the wolf)  is a unique way of understanding your dog. This is for anyone who has a dog or is thinking of getting one

and not just for owners who might be having problems. Even if you are happy with your dog, you can still benefit from the learnings from this unique experience. Learn about your dog, the real needs of a dog, its function, what he/she is thinking and most importantly how to get the very best from your dog.

During the seminar, you will have a tour of the Lobo Park (wolf park), and learn how a wolf pack really works, their behaviour, the importance of hierarchy, soft dominance and pack life. You can see the wolves interacting with each other in their natural environment and once you begin to understand how they work together, we can help you to understand and translate this into your family life with your dog. Ultimately, we learn from the wolves to understand their behaviour and relationships with one another.
You will learn how to avoid problems and how to solve any problems you may be having.

If you are not having any problems and are quite happy with the relationship you have with your dog, you can still learn more about how your dog works and the reasons why. This is an educational day and it is just for you! So please leave your dog at home! However, before the seminar, take the time to write down any questions you might have. There will be plenty of time to talk and have individual questions answered. The seminar will help to show you how a wolf pack works and give you a better understanding of your own dog, or dogs in general. If you have more than one dog and would like to fully understand how they can work together and how you should be treating them to maintain a happy pack within your family environment, that will be covered too.

And if all other dog training and education attempts have failed, don’t be afraid to come to us and give it one more chance!

Price for the caminolobo seminar: Reservations required!
Duration: 4 hours
Time:      10:00-14:00
Adults:    49,00€ per person and 75,00€ for couples

For information and reservations please contact us or call Tel:+34952031107